About LBW



LBW is partnering with talented artisans to build sustainable businesses which in turn will help these artisans transform their communities through the economic empowerment of women. Crafts will be displayed in our virtual “showroom” and may be purchased through our website and on Etsy.

Development Goals:

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we will use our experiences to implement customized business and leadership training, design mentorship, and marketing fundamentals to artisans.

Partnership Goals:

Once a solid foundation has been laid, our hope is to foster relationships with valued brands. This will open artisans up to market access that is critical to business growth. We are also working to make connections to gain resources for artisans so that they will have access to materials and upgraded equipment, as well as health services for the artisans and their children. The possibilities are endless!

Christy Jeziorski, Co-founder / cmj@lastbestwomen.org

Leticia Rezende Call, Co-founder / lrezende@lastbestwomen.org

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